Bridge Sites

For those partners who need time to build out their full OAuth 2 API integration, Parallel Markets can provide an interim solution called a “bridge site” to handle any accreditations in the interim.

Interim Solution

A bridge site is a custom, branded landing page with a Parallel Login button that temporarily serves in place of the Parallel Login button on a partner’s login page after a full API integration. If a partner needs to accredit a user before their full OAuth 2 API integration is completed, the partner can send the user a link to the bridge site. Once the user completes the process, the partner will recieve an email with the details of the user’s accreditation application. For an example of a bridge site, see the GHC Housing Partners bridge site.


The bridge site does act as a full OAuth Client, so people who click the button there will be prompted to consent to share information with the partner, and then their information is emailed to any list of email addresses specified by the partner. Then, when the partner’s integration is complete, the OAuth keys that were used on the bridge site are shared with the partner for usage on their production site, giving the partner API access to everyone who previously consented (and then the bridge site would be turned off).

Who Should Ask for One

If a partner plans on having the full OAuth 2 API integration with their site quickly, and won’t be needing accreditation in the interim, then the bridge isn’t necessary. If a partner needs accreditations in the short term while the full integration is completed, then a bridge site could be very useful.


There is no additional fee for a bridge site.