Parallel Login Branding Guidelines

The Parallel Markets API allows users to assert their identity and accreditation status on other websites. Users have a portable investor identity that enables authentication and authorization on third party platforms without repeated accreditation verification. These guidelines relate to the branding of the Parallel Login button and associated branding assets.


The Parallel Login button image files come in 3 widths. You are encouraged to use these files, and can safely link to them directly.

For the wider version, you can alternatively use the text “Continue with Parallel”, as shown below:

Each of these buttons also comes in an SVG format for greater scalable quality (though these will not work in IE8 and below).

Parrallel Login and other third party sign-in options

The Parallel Login button must be displayed at least as prominently as other third party sign-in options. For example, buttons should be approximately the same size and have similar visual weight.

Matching your own app’s style

Using the standard Parallel Login button is strongly recommended as it enables Parallel Passport users to more quickly identify the Parallel option. If you need to to adapt the button to match your app design or translate the text “Log in with” or “Log in”, follow these guidelines.


You can scale the button as needed for different devices and screen sizes, but you must preserve the aspect ratio so that the Parallel |P| logo is not stretched.


To encourage users to click the button, we recommend the call-to-action text “Log in with Parallel” or “Accredit with Parallel”. It should be clear to the user that they are signing in to your app or signing up for your app with their Parallel Passport credentials, not signing up or registering for a Parallel account on your app.

Other Variations

Use of the Parallel Markets brand in ways not expressly covered by this document is not allowed without prior written consent from Parallel Markets.