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Accreditation Statuses

If you submit a business accreditation application and indicate all owners to be accredited investors, you’ll see icons and names for accreditation statuses of the listed business owners. Here’s a list of their descriptions:

Status Name Description
Current The user or business is currently accreditated
Pending There is an active accreditation currently under review by Parallel
Third Party Pending Paralell is currently awaiting third party evaluator to submit documentation
Expired The user or business is not currently accredited, but they were at one point (and that accreditation has since expired)
Rejected The user or business submitted an application that was rejected for not meeting the legal requirements
Canceled The application was submitted and then canceled prior to review.
Unknown The user or business has not yet submitted an application OR you don’t have access to see the status
Not Accredited The user or business has stated they do not meet the accreditation requirements