Parallel Markets follows the recommendations of the National Institute of Standard and Technology for password requirements:

  • 8 character minimum
  • The ability to use all special characters but no special requirement to use them
  • Restrict commonly used passwords
  • Restrict passwords obtained from previous breach corpuses

For the last bulleted requirement, see the next section.

Compromised Passwords

When completing creation of your account (or updating your password), you may see a warning about your password appearing in compromised accounts on other sites. When setting/updating your password, we check your entry against a database of compromised passwords. This database contains over half a billion real world passwords previously exposed in data breaches across the internet. If a password you enter matches a password that has been previously exposed over 1,000 times, you will be asked to choose a new password (and you should immediately change your password on any other sites where you may have used that same password).